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processing   may, 2004   j.tarbell
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  250 x 250 pixels
42 circles
  500 x 500 pixels
100 circles
The Intersection Momentary is a fun visualization defining the relationships between objects with Casey Reas, William Ngan, and Robert Hodgin. Commissioned for display at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
whitney museum of american art
Casey suggests we write programs to visualize the same simple instructions:
A surface filled with 100 medium to small sized circles. Each circle has a different size and direction, but moves at the same slow rate. Display:
A. The instantaneous intersections of the circles.
B. The aggregate intersections of the circles.
Reas, Software Structures
0000 Casey Reas

Hodgin, Software Structures
0001 Robert Hodgin

Ngan, Software Structures
0002 William Ngan

Tarbell, Software Structures
0003 Jared Tarbell

We were not allowed to see each other's programs until the end. In this way we found many surprises of similarities and dissimilarities between our implementations.
glowing orbs show points of intersection between circles
0000 bright white lights highlight intersections between circles
glowing orbs show points of intersection between circles
0001 small particles travel the perimeters of each circle
The circles in this interpretation begin with a radius of 1 pixel and slowly increase to some arbitrary size (10-50 pixels). Circles are drawn with small moving points along the perimeter. The intersections are rendered as glowing orbs. The twinkling effect of the intersections was unintentional, but once discovered, emphasized with an irregular drawing technique. Glowing orbs are rendered ONLY when a perimeter point moves past the intersection point.

1000 a glow has been added to emphasize the particles that travel each circle's perimeter
glowing orbs show points of intersection between circles
5000 the aggregate intersections of 100 circles
The Intersection Aggregate is my implementation of part B of Casey's instructions.