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city travler
invader fractal
flash mx   october, 2003   j.tarbell
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    800 x 800 pixels
5,000 invaders
approximately 45,000 movieclips
Invaders are friendly expressions of numerical magnitude. Using only 15 bits, a mirror, and a little patience, we can render 32,768 unique instances of them.

Arrangement of invaders is based on a recursive fractal method. Given a region, an invader is placed within a random percentage of it. The process is then repeated for the remaining spaces until the regions become indistinguishably small.

computational artifact, invaders
computational artifact, invaders
computational artifact, invaders
computational artifact,, invaders
computational artifact, about 30% of all possible invaders
0000 Approximately 30% of all possible invaders
The invader's time amongst humans is going well so far.
prints available