computational artifacts
sand dollar
processing    march, 2004   j.tarbell
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  200 x 200 pixels
4 sand dollars
400 x 400 pixels
9 sand dollars
800 x 800 pixels
25 sand dollars
The Sand Dollar is an iteratively constructed radial form using the Sand Stroke painting technique. A very high level of detail is achieved with backpainting each Sand Dollar several times. The radial form is constructed with a sweeping tree-like structure that oscillates as it moves clockwise around the origin. Attached to the tree in random locations are the Sand Stroke elements.

1003 Unique Every sand dollar is the product of over 16,000 random events.
Hundreds of thousands of Sand Dollars have been generated by the programmer over the course of many days. He does not understand why he does this.
computational artifacts
0000 100 unique sand dollar instances
computational artifacts
0001 Another 100 unique sand dollar instances
computational artifacts
0002 Yet another 100 unique sand dollar instances
computational artifacts
0003 It does not stop...

2000 The visual appearance of each sand dollar is a representation of its growth process
Some may notice that each sand dollar contains a flaw in the radial symmetry. This flaw is an artifact of the pixel exposure construction process. It could be removed with some special case algorithms, but the programmer found it enjoyable, and left it in.